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In 100 years, humanity lives in fear of the Titans. A race of beasts who take the appearance of humans but are much larger and lack sexual organs. Their only purpose is to feast upon humans. However, humanity barricaded themselves in three 50-meter walls to protect themselves from the terror of the Titans.
After years living in fear, humanity protect themselves with huge walls to protect themselves from the Titans, giant humanoids that feeds on humans. When suddenly a huge Titan breaches the wall allowing a horde of Titans enters the city and attack them. A boy named Eren decided to save his city and wipe out the Titan race
Let me start this by saying:<br/><br/>This is NOT like the anime or the manga. <br/><br/>This movie has it&#39;s own twist and turns, at first you would notice that it doesn&#39;t follow the anime storyline and many fans would be extremely mad and angry about this, it&#39;s understandable. However, what&#39;s the point of watching it if it&#39;s exactly like the anime? Might as well just watch the anime and not this. Personally, I think it was smart idea to take some (NOT ALL) different turn in producing this movie rather than be exactly like the anime. <br/><br/>Is it the best live action? No. Is it the worst? No. However, this movie could&#39;ve been a lot better with better titan&#39;s graphics and more character development. There was lack of characteristic to the main characters and the role switches was a bad idea in my opinion. Instead of being Eren being the main character who carries hatred towards the titans and wants revenged because of his mothers death, it turns out to be Mikasa carrying the hatred through the story because of her experience. Also, in the live Action, Eren turns out to be more of a kind who&#39;s willing to do anything to win back Mikasa. <br/><br/>It has many pointless fillers and this movie was rather leaning into trying to incorporate more romance between Eren and Mikasa which was a big mistake of them. Like no, just no. Also, they could have saved seconds of the lovey dovey couple into better scenes than waste it on them two which has nothing to do that benefit the movie. <br/><br/>On the other hand, I understand that it was a whole series of 28 episodes into a 90 min movie, but it feels messy and extremely rushed. Especially with unnecessary fillers and making characters into couples. Also, I was sad that they incorporated trucks rather than horses and rely a lot in explosives, but hey, I take what I can get. Also, some scenes from the live action are just plainly dumb. For example, that guy that threw over a titan over his shoulder. Yes, you read right, he threw a titan over his shoulder. . .<br/><br/>What I am impress about this movie is the usage of the Three-dimensional maneuver device, it was really well-done and it has great fighting scenes too both in person and titan scenes. Also, I love the settings of the this movie. <br/><br/>I watched this with no expectation at all, and I think that&#39;s probably why I am not as disappoint as many of those who will watch it. I knew that movies are not always going to be like an anime. <br/><br/>Would I recommend this? Preferably, no. I am sure 95% of those who watched the anime will hate this movie.
I watched the series, but even if I hadn&#39;t I still wouldn&#39;t have enjoyed the movie. The pacing was terrible and moments of salvageable scenes were hung up on painfully slow moments of unimportance. The main character is frustratingly useless until the very end, which he is not in the series.<br/><br/>The acting was weak at best. I don&#39;t speak Japanese so it doesn&#39;t matter as much, but it still took away from the experience. My Japanese girlfriend found it horrible as well.<br/><br/>*SPOILER* Mikasa is extremely useless as the beginning and just sits on the ground without even trying to run from the approaching Titan. She somehow doesn&#39;t pay the price for this and is magically transformed into an amazing killer a short while later. <br/><br/>Unimpressed… though I did watch until the end.

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